Simon Harries here, the Brit with the funny accent, flash t-shirts and hands that move faster than my mouth. But more importantly, I’m known for creating dead simple, hands free cash purely with the power of social media. Lately I’ve been absolutely killing it with a completely untapped social network, but more on that in just a bit.

What I want to share with you is the STEP BY STEP process of how I was able to drive over 10,000 targeted visitors PER MONTH to my offers for FREE and monetize all my social media accounts on AUTOPILOT. And it started with one of the hottest social media platforms that is wide open for you to dominate....

So I Decided To Find A BETTER Way
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This network is the FASTEST GROWING in social media and the 2nd largest on the planet after FB … and it’s where YOU’RE going to make money.

It has over 100 MILLION ACTIVE users , 70 million of which log on every day - for an average of close to 15 minutes PER login

70% of users are BUYERS - looking for products to purchase on a daily basis.

The AVERAGE purchase is between $140 and $180 PER ORDER - we’re not talking cheapskates…

60% of its traffic is top tier from the US, and 28.1% of users have household incomes of 100K or more - meaning they have MONEY TO BURN and are LOOKING to spend it right here, right now.

When I first joined Pinterest just a few short months ago, I noticed how QUICKLY users were growing their followings. And how some marketers were making explosive sales JUST by posting on this platform:

Even the small company ‘Chasing Paper’ says Pinterest is its NUMBER ONE source of social traffic AND sales conversions… meaning this is THE platform for independent marketers and start-ups...

So that’s what I did. Started with some basic Pinterest research in a few key areas like affiliate marketing and eCom. Copied what top marketers were doing... THEN shared these posts across Pinterest and other top social networks … and was STUNNED by the results:

To be completely honest, I’m a bit lazy. Not sure about you, but I didn’t sign up as an online marketer to work HARDER than I did at my old day job.

Creating all these pins and posts took WAY TOO MUCH time. Reposting across my social networks became a FULL TIME JOB.

Plus, for every post I had to find or create content, download extra tools to edit my images, then MANUALLY schedule every single post across MULTIPLE platforms and hope I was sending my offers at the best times to make sales.

Imagine being able to grab the web’s most viral content, edit it in just a few clicks, then press a button and share OR SCHEDULE these posts to all the top social networks. For floods of 100% free traffic to WHATEVER you’re promoting.

Even better, MONETIZE every social network account you have by simply leveraging YOUR content and offers so they go viral and you can just sit back and watch the commissions roll in.

After being told it couldn’t happen, I made the impossible a reality and designed the world’s 1st fully automated software that MONETIZES social media

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At first, I didn’t really buy into the whole idea of making cash from social media. Until recently, I used these networks for pure entertainment and contacting friends.

Honestly, I didn’t really think making profits from social media was a reality for everyday marketers like you and I. Thought that was only for the big companies with huge advertising budgets.

But when I spent a bit more time digging into how it all works, I was stunned by how easy it was. And kind of kicked myself for not getting in sooner. Social networks are, simply, cash generation machines for people with the tools to tap into them.

And now YOU have the perfect tool to cash in.

Instantly create viral posts with direct links to your offers or products, then sit back while the software spreads the word across your ENTIRE social network. Explosive traffic, 100% free and laser targeted, in mere minutes per day.

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It’s true. Content fuels the web.

But I didn’t want to spend my days writing articles or shooting videos. Goes back to my earlier admission that, honestly, I’m a bit lazy.

And face it - there’s already boatloads of amazing content out there. You don’t have to create content to use it to your advantage!

Pindrill will find you the most viral images, videos, quotes & infographics in YOUR niche, let you customize AND monetize it in a few clicks…

Then broadcast it across your social media accounts for automated traffic, while building powerful social backlinks so your offers get top search engine rankings.

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If you’re not happy, I’m not and would feel guilty keeping your money. So buy with confidence and know that you have absolutely nothing to risk when you act today.

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Still reading? That’s cool, it means you take things seriously and I appreciate that. Remember, with Pindrill the hard work has COMPLETELY been done for you. Regardless of experience, this software and training take you by the hand until you’re making money. This won’t be another tool that sits on your hard drive collecting dust. Remember I’m so sure this will work for you that I’ll give you a full refund within 14 days if you’re not thrilled with your results. You’ve got nothing to lose, so click that button and get started right now!

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